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Don't fix my smile, life is long enough.
We will put this flesh into the ground again.
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You are the face of this
                                      r e v o l u t i o n.

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The glories of nature. What are men compared to rocks and mountains?

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To have a peace of mind, you must go to war with your nafs.

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"I promise you
I will try harder
to be better.
have battled with things
inside me
for longer than you know;
I do not know
what they are
or why they are there,
I only know
that they feel
when I
am around

Tyler Knott Gregson (via wordsnquotes)

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A Beautiful prayer.. share please


“Ya Allah, Increase my imaan so I can get up everyday without being lazy to do my Salah, to read the Qur’an, to give Dawah and to do all the things which you have ordered me. I don’t want to go astray so please guide me so I can stay on your path and become a better Muslim.”

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"I can describe it as a pain in the head, some central point, a wound which, somehow, had always been there — something slowly and steadily deforming all hope in me; something that forces me to cling to the past and cling and cling — I cling to the blood, I cling to my own ache, I cling to the past and it gets to a point when I can’t even remember without hurting. I do feed off it, do you understand? It’s not the disease anymore, Anne, it is me, I’m telling you it is me! I blindly follow it because I want to know it and it drives me inward, each time all the most inward, and yet I can only use abstract terms to refer to it and then I get mad at myself. Or I am mad. Probably both. Anne, I am not a loser and I am not weak and I have been battling this ever since I can remember myself. And every single time I try to describe it to someone I love, I only end up sounding like a self-centered asshole who is so damn arrogant in her pain. And then I cannot describe it — I fail, I always fail so forgive me […]"

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With the sentiments and memories
And all the love I’d ever give.

With all the heartaches and the tears
And everything in between.

With everything you asked for for which I could never give.

But, with the hopes and the love and the laughter and the drive to live.

This is where I leave you, finally.

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I don’t know how our mothers do it, even with their souls shattered they still find it within them to cook, clean and feed us. May Allah bless them and grant them the highest of heavens. 

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"Someone once told me that having a kind soul is rough. That isn’t the problem, isn’t it? Not really. Your kind soul isn’t the main point here. It’s the ones around you who take advantage of your kind soul. It’s those who are loose with it. It’s the ones who take it for granted. I wonder just how many times we harden (and just how much) each time someone damages these souls of ours. And that’s the scary part, isn’t it? That’s the saddening part too. What was once kind has become something of the opposite; or at least, it’s not as precious and gentle as before - that when you cup it in your hands, you can feel the slight roughening edges and maybe even some cracks. I think the kindest people are the scariest. They can become a force of nature once their rose-colored glasses are taken off. Some might even completely shut down and you’re left wondering if that old soul ever existed even because all you see now is a shell of what was once warm and lustrous. Others might just turn cold right away. A burning frosty touch. Chilling and biting words. It’s eerie to look into someone’s eyes and see shadows and shards, if you even see anything at all. But how do you handle it then? How do you hold a kind soul? Delicately and lightly as though it’s fragile, afraid of breaking it? But isn’t that kind of sugarcoating the injustice and flaws of this world? How do you know when lightly is too lightly? Maybe that’s the scariest part - you don’t."

and when you do, then the damage is done (NJ.)

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it’s weird to watch people distant from a distance
like watching your house fall apart
while you’re stuck in a traffic jam across the road—

when you and i lost touch of how to keep in touch
it was a mutual and conscious decision for us to both stop trying
it was…

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Synecdoche, New York (dir. Charlie Kaufman, 2008)

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